I know everyone can't afford to buy original art. As an artist and art lover, I want to help change that. Over the years,  I've time and time again, heard many of my friends and acquaintances who come to my artist loft tell me they wished they could afford to buy one of my pieces. I usually end up giving some of them a great deal because I want people that love my work to have some of it. Then when they leave with a piece, I usually say to myself, "Why did you sell that piece for practically nothing when the gallery or one of my reps or designers could have gotten full value for it after all the time and emotion I put into its completion?" Then I usually smile and tell myself,  "I just made someone very happy." I'm honored to be valued as an artist and have the ability to share my passion with so many people. So, I have come up with a concept of producing some limited additions of framed art on paper and canvas and a series of art on wood I want to present to art lovers so they too have an original piece of art that is affordable and they don't have to buy cheap art from a furniture store or other outlet where they're basically getting prints that have no real value. Nothing will be priced over 300.00 in my online store. The sizes will be on a much smaller scale and the execution of the work will be different so as not to compete with the larger and more involved pieces that are usually placed by the galleries, art reps and designers that sale my work to corporate and private clients who are in a position to afford them. I love art ... and I want you to enjoy it as much as I do. Art is for everyone.

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