Things I Remember / mixed media on canvas /  48" x 36" / available

Things I Remember / mixed media on canvas / 48" x 36" / available

Life is like a big abstract painting.  In the beginning, you start out painting with primary colors.  As time passes, some of the primary colors stay clear, while the rest begin to run together becoming muted and making new colors. Those primary colors are the influences waiting for us in life, the muted colors, however, are the colors of our souls. 

I've done a wide range of art—from abstracts to landscapes, including nudes and photography—in an exploration to find out what I'm meant to do on this earth as an artist. In my quest, I’ve spent many hours of reflection. I’ve struggled with perfection.  I’ve discovered my limitations and exceeded them, and found others to overcome. I've laughed. I've cried to the point I swore I'd never pick up another brush, but picked one up again. 

With every finished piece I've found a sense of belonging and the realization that I’ve been blessed with the freedom to create something, anything—whether it be the face of a stranger, the sporadic line of a pencil, a cloud engorged horizon, a solitary distant tree, or two colors running together down a canvas—to express parts of me to share with you. The search continues—as it should.

I wouldn't be able to do what I love without the support of so many: private collectors; galleries; art reps; and the nonprofits I donate my art to in supporting their worthwhile efforts to help so many in need. I wouldn't have gotten this far without your love and support, and your belief in me as an artist. I hope you know my gratitude is endless; running as long as it does wide. Thank you for giving my art a home.

James Randall Chumbley


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